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Multi-Disciplinary (31 Courses)
1 NOC:Neuroscience of Human Movement
2 NOC:Ecology and Environment
3 NOC:Manage TB
4 NOC:Designing Learner-Centric MOOCs
5 NOC:Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
6 NOC:Entrepreneurship Essentials
7 NOC:Roadmap for Patent Creation
8 NOC:Current Regulatory Requirements for Conducting Clinical Trials in India
9 NOC:Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices and IVD kits in India
10 NOC:Teaching and Learning in Engineering
11 NOC:Introduction To Learning Analytics
12 NOC:Designing learner-centric e-learning in STEM disciplines
13 NOC:Sustainable and Affordable Sanitation Solutions For Small Towns: Policy, Planning and Practice
14 NOC:Accreditation & Outcome based Learning
15 NOC:Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science - Fundamental and Sustainability Concepts
16 NOC:Teaching And Learning in General Programs: TALG
17 NOC:TALE 2: Course Design and Instruction of Engineering Courses
18 NOC:Numerical Methods for Engineers
19 Basic Course in Biomedical Research
20 NOC:Thermodynamics
21 NOC:Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices including in Vitro Diagnostics in India (Version 2.0)
22 NOC:Current Regulatory Requirements for Conducting Clinical Trials in India for Investigational New Drugs
23 NOC:NBA Accreditation and Teaching Learning in Engineering (NATE)
24 NOC:Learning Analytics Tools
25 NOC:Fundamental of Fluid Mechanics for Chemical and Biomedical Engineers
26 NOC:Biophotonic
27 NOC:Model Predictive Control: Theory and Applications
28 NOC:Research Methodology
29 NOC:Management of Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice
30 NOC:Basic Course in Ornithology
31 NOC:Oral Biology